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Pete & Rob are the stars of this website! The two Playmobils and their friends are featured in several stop-motion films. You can download their free Playmobil® wallpapers for PC/Mac, Tablets & Smartphones. Or discover the Playmobil® 360° experience!

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Over 55 Stop Motion Episodes

Playmobil® Pete & Rob in action! Fighting vitamins or Darth Vader, on skateboard or a mission to Mars.

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On Skateboard

Playmobil® Stop Motion #041

Versus Cubebot

Playmobil® Stop Motion #058
Playmobil® in 360°

The Playmobil® 360° Experience

Watch Pete & Rob and their gangster friends in 360°! Spinning around.


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Playmobil® Wallpapers

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